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Anxiety Specialist Clinical Hypnotherapy Practice in Bolton

Our Anxiety Specialist Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist:

Stuart Rose (Bsc) Hons 1st Class - Psychology, HPD, PNLP, PG Cert CBT and Counselling, MNCH.

Address: Bromley Cross Physiotherapy Clinic, 3 Bromley Cross Road, Bromley Cross, Bolton, BL7 9LS.

Tel: 01204 794776

Email: stuart@positivechangehypnotherapy.co.uk


Anxiety Treatment Through Specialist Clinical Hypnotherapy In Bolton

Generalised Anxiety Disorder 

As the specialist anxiety clinical hypnotherapy practice in Bolton we know how much generalised anxiety and Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) can interfere with life, impact on the things that are important to you and leave you feeling frustrated, isolated and overwhelmed.

The Signs, Symptoms and Impact of Generalised Anxiety

Generalised anxiety means you experience physical symptoms of anxiety such as headaches, pounding heart or irregular heartbeat, increased breathing rate or finding it hard to catch your breath, churning or aching stomach or excessive sweating.


At Positive Change Hypnotherapy in Bolton, anxiety specialist hypnotherapist, Stuart Rose, describes how the clients he works with to help them overcome generalised anxiety and GAD have characteristic physical symptoms of anxiety such as those above but that different clients are more aware of and experience some symptoms more than others.


Constantly worrying about things, especially those catastrophic things that might happen can leave you restless, exhausted and drained. Never mind the feeling of impending doom and dread just dealing with everyday activities.


It becomes that your mind can be consumed with intrusive and negative thoughts leaving it hard to think clearly or get a sense of things being in proportion.


This can also lead to becoming more socially withdrawn or needing to take time off from work as you attempt to reduce the feelings of anxiety. However these can lead to an increase of worry about your situation and compound the negative impact on your self-esteem.


Insomnia is another common experience and this leads to more difficulty with concentration, feeling on edge, tired and drained, and increased irritability. 


Due to the generalisation of the anxiety, many clients describe that, if they didn’t worry about what they do, their mind would find something else to worry about. It seems like the mind is constantly active, looking for threats and things to fear. It is hard to find any peace of mind when it can be the smallest things that trigger off feeling anxious.


With generalised anxiety you may experience anxiety around some or all of the following: health, family, relationships, work or finances. Even more frustratingly, with generalised anxiety you may not even know what you are anxious about, what triggers it and this can leave you feeling even more anxious and difficult to see how you can find your way out.

Specialist Clinical Hypnotherapy in Bolton For Generalised Anxiety

This is where clinical hypnotherapy can be so beneficial and effective. 


I work with you through specialist clinical hypnotherapy to deal with the various symptoms of generalised anxiety you experience: psychological, emotional, physical and behavioural.


This involves being able to manage these elements of anxiety in more effective ways, reducing them and resolving the issues and components that create and maintain anxiety.


Regaining control over your thoughts and feelings helps you to move forwards, feeling calmer, more relaxed, confident and self-assured, able to finally get over problematic anxiety and finding the freedom to get on with and enjoy your life again.


It can be reassuring to know that we have worked with many clients to help them overcome this form of free-floating anxiety. In fact, generalised anxiety is the single biggest issue we treat clients for.


We are also aware however, that your experience of generalised anxiety and how it affects you, what you think, feel and do, as well as your relationships, work and social life is a very personal experience.


Your clinical hypnotherapy treatment for generalised anxiety is therefore tailored for you and responsive to your needs.


You will have an individual treatment plan prepared as part of a focused and structured hypnotherapeutic approach rooted in psychology, to meet your specific needs and desired outcomes.


Clinical hypnotherapy at Positive Change Hypnotherapy in Bolton is undertaken by Stuart Rose who is very experienced in working with anxiety and people who have had similar experiences to you. Stuart has worked with people suffering from anxiety since 1999.


So, let’s deal with this together.


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