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Our Anxiety Specialist Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist:

Stuart Rose (Bsc) Hons 1st Class - Psychology, HPD, PNLP, PG Cert CBT and Counselling, MNCH.

Address: Bromley Cross Physiotherapy Clinic, 3 Bromley Cross Road, Bromley Cross, Bolton, BL7 9LS.

Tel: 01204 794776

Email: stuart@positivechangehypnotherapy.co.uk

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Fear of Flying? : Find Freedom From Fear with Hypnotherapy In Bolton at Positive Change

Updated: Jan 3

Do you have a holiday booked and all you can think about is how you will manage the flight?

Do you have to travel regularly for business and wish you could manage flights in a better way?

Clinical Hypnotherapy in Bolton at Positive Change can help you change that turbulence in your mind and body into clear blue skies of calm.

It may be that this is a fear which consumes you and you wonder if you are able to control and change it. The good news is that many people have done just that. There is a link at the bottom of this post to a travel blog where you can read an unbiased account of the editor’s experience of hypnotherapy to deal with her fear of flying.

You may be surprised to learn that a short course of sessions is usually all that is required. I can confidently assure you that you are able control the fear and you are able to reduce it to where it does not bother you … or eliminate it altogether. Imagine this being you … the new you, without the extra baggage and it’s costs of being bothered by fear and anxiety when you have to, or want to fly.

This can leave you able to enjoy travelling, feeling more relaxed, calm and in control when preparing for your trip, at the airport on the flight and arriving relaxed at your destination, ready for whatever you have in store, whether that is business or pleasure, or sometimes a bit of both.

At Positive Change Hypnotherapy, I will work with you to achieve this - a short course of sessions is usually all that is required.

All treatments at the practice are bespoke for you, tailored and personalised to you as you would expect in coming for professional therapy with a registered, highly qualified and experienced therapist. In addition, anxiety, fears and phobias are one of the specialist treatment areas at Positive Change.

The service is located within an established private clinic in the pleasant surroundings of Bromley Cross in North Bolton. Here, you will receive a warm, friendly welcome and we can focus of dealing with your issue to achieve the results you want in a structured and focused programme and all within complete confidentiality.

If you want to find out more about overcoming fear of flying, please contact Stuart at Positive Change Hypnotherapy in the strictest confidence.

Maybe you would prefer to discuss this in more detail prior to committing to therapy. You can do so through a free confidential consultation.

Spread your wings and book your free consultation now.

The link to the ‘The World and then Some’ Blog: