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Stress and the Straw

Updated: Jan 3


It is likely that we are all familiar with stress. Maybe you ‘feed’ off stress, using it to drive you forward and achieve. Or perhaps, you manage many competing day to day pressures as part of the fabric of your life.

Many of us though, will have also experienced problematic stress, where the effects become increasingly debilitating, leading to damaging coping strategies, inefficiency and overthinking or alternatively ‘burying our heads in the sand’.

Although each of our situations is individual, this problematic level of stress comes about in a similar way.

We are managing with many competing demands in our lives and we may or may not be aware of our stress levels rising as these demands rise.


The competing demands and corresponding levels of stress reach a certain point. This point is unique for every one of us. It is like a ‘tipping point’ or ‘break point’.

The process of moving beyond this point can be characterised as in the old saying, ‘the straw that breaks the camel's back.’

Interestingly, from treating many clients over the years for stress, I find that different clients have different ways of conceptualising this but all with similar features and to a similar effect.

Beyond our own personal breaking point, that extra pressure becomes the straw that is too much in the old saying. The thing I like from this image is that the ‘straw’ which takes us beyond our coping level into not coping and problematic stress can be absolutely anything, but is often something that would otherwise be relatively minor or not that significant.

Once stress has progressed beyond this level, everything seems overwhelming and we feel unable to cope any longer.

Problematic stress, although not a psychiatric diagnosis, has a wide variety of cognitive (mental thought process), emotional and behavioural symptoms that make life increasingly difficult to manage.

Over time it leads to many significant and increasingly debilitating effects on our lives and can lead to development of anxiety and/or depression. It can lead to physical symptoms and illnesses, sickness from work, strain on relationships and difficulty dealing with these, difficulty dealing with finances and impair or judgement and thinking overall.


This is where clinical hypnotherapy in Bolton at Positive Change can help. In my experience, clinical hypnotherapy is very effective for dealing with problematic stress. It helps you reduce stress levels, find relaxation, inner calm and balance in your life again and to help you effectively manage stress to prevent re-occurrence of problematic stress in future.

This means you re-gain perspective in your life and can step-back from otherwise stressful states, events or situations, experience calm composure and inner centred-ness, before stepping forward with composure and balance to deal with whatever it is in the most effective way you can.

In this way you can feel happier, positive and in control of what you are able to control, able to deal with things effectively and know when to let go, especially of those things we cannot change.