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Our Anxiety Specialist Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist:

Stuart Rose (Bsc) Hons 1st Class - Psychology, HPD, PNLP, PG Cert CBT and Counselling, MNCH.

Address: Bromley Cross Physiotherapy Clinic, 3 Bromley Cross Road, Bromley Cross, Bolton, BL7 9LS.

Tel: 01204 794776

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Clinical Hypnotherapy In Bolton For Low Self-esteem

What is Self-esteem?

Self-esteem concerns feelings you have about yourself, how you view yourself, how much you like yourself, your self-worth, value and trust in yourself.


Self-esteem is therefore:


  • a judgement or an evaluation you make about yourself,

  • and this evaluation informs the attitude you have to yourself.


You can apply your self-esteem as an overall judgement about yourself or to do with specific areas of your life.

What Affects Your Self-esteem?

We begin to form a sense of self-esteem at a relatively young age and so our childhood influences and experiences can have an impact on it.


Specialist Clinical Hypnotherapist in Bolton, Stuart Rose says: "I have met many clients who came for clinical hypnotherapy to improve self-esteem who carried around an inner critic in their head - a harsh voice pointing out where they don’t measure up, their weaknesses, failures and limitations. Often this ‘inner critic’ comes from an influential voice - a figure - from their childhood, such as a parent."


The culture we live in influences our self-esteem because our society places greater or lesser importance on different characteristics. For example, our society may value physical attractiveness and so possessing this characteristic this may serve to inform a strong sense of self-esteem. Alternatively, our society may not value laziness and so if you define yourself as lazy, this may negatively affect your self-esteem.


Self-esteem is also formed in relation to events and experiences in our lives.

The Impact Of Low Self-esteem

Low self-esteem can mean you:


  • dislike yourself

  • hate yourself

  • feel worthless

  • feel like you have no value

  • think you are not good at anything

  • feel unmotivated

  • feel insecure

  • feel awkward

  • don’t trust yourself

  • find it difficult to make decisions

  • feel guilty about caring for yourself, spending money on yourself or doing things for yourself

  • excessively or inappropriately blame yourself for things

  • think others don’t like you

  • find it difficult to deal with events and difficulties in life

  • avoid events, experiences and trying new things

  • have low confidence


Low self-esteem can hold you back and stop you from doing things in life. It can affect many areas, including relationships, leisure activities, work and employment, ambitions and financial management.


Low self-esteem can also contribute to or be a part of anxiety and depression.

The Benefits Of Increasing Your Self-esteem

Increasing self-esteem can help you to:


  • realise your innate self-worth

  • connect with other people

  • form more meaningful and fulfilling relationships

  • have healthy and appropriate interpersonal boundaries

  • have more balance in your life

  • feel happier

  • feel more content

  • feel more worthwhile

  • increase motivation

  • increase satisfaction

  • recognise your strengths, talents and abilities

  • trust yourself

  • make clearer decisions

  • deal with things more effectively

  • achieve goals and ambitions

  • improve financial management and use of money

  • care for yourself and others appropriately 

  • love yourself and others appropriately

  • feel more at ease within and about yourself

  • have a fairer, kinder and more realistic view of yourself

  • be your true authentic self

  • be more confident

Specialist Clinical Hypnotherapy in Bolton For Treatment Of Low Self-esteem

Working together through clinical hypnotherapy at our private clinic location in Bolton we can help you:

  • resolve issues related to low self-esteem

  • address symptoms of low self-esteem

  • develop, strengthen and increase your self-esteem


Your Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Stuart Rose, draws on his extensive experience, not only of studying self-esteem, including within psychology, lecturing on self-esteem as a Lecturer in Psychology but also through many years of working with clients like you within therapy.


It has been a true honour to be a part of clients transformation as they develop a healthy, fair, compassionate and realistic sense of their own self, value and worth.


Many clients have told us that this has led to them being able to finally move forwards in there lives in many ways, personally, socially and professionally.


Be the person you can be.

The person you truly are.


Where will it take you?


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