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Our Anxiety Specialist Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist:

Stuart Rose (Bsc) Hons 1st Class - Psychology, HPD, PNLP, PG Cert CBT and Counselling, MNCH.

Address: Bromley Cross Physiotherapy Clinic, 3 Bromley Cross Road, Bromley Cross, Bolton, BL7 9LS.

Tel: 01204 794776

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Specialist Clinical Hypnotherapy Treatment

About Social Anxiety (Social Phobia) - The Signs and Symptoms

Social Anxiety Disorder is also known as Social Phobia.


At the anxiety specialist clinical hypnotherapy practice in Bolton we know that Social Anxiety is not just being shy or nervous, but involves you experiencing a level of worry, fear and anxiety that becomes debilitating in social situations.


The constant fear of criticism and a perception that people think poorly of you or are judging you negatively means that it is not just the actual situations themselves that provoke anxiety. 


Many people have an excessive level of worry leading up to social situations and for a long time after them, overanalysing everything they may have said or done and never actually being able to get it right due to the distortions the anxiety brings about in thinking and perceptions of the situation. This in turn, impairs ability to function further, making you feel even more paralysed in social situations.


It can be easy to see why some people may get more anxious in big social events or dealing with those in authority but people who suffer with social anxiety know that it is also everyday social situations and even talking on the phone that can trigger the anxiety. 


For some people, it is some specific situations that trigger the anxiety, whilst for others it is generalised to many social situations.


You may experience physical symptoms which can include all or some of: going red, flushing or blushing, feeling shaky, excessive sweating, feeling sick or nauseous and fast or irregular heat rate. You may be affected where you find it hard to speak, that you stammer or stutter or have a trembling voice.

The Impact of Social Anxiety - Social Phobia

This can all impact on your life in a way that feels disabling. It can affect work, social relationships, socialising, shopping and any situation that involves other people.


This leads to feelings of insecurity and lowered self-esteem as well as social isolation.


Some people initially may use substances such as alcohol to help them manage in social situations but quickly find that this begins to hinder, rather than help or becomes an issue of concern in itself.


Similarly to other types of phobia, most people who experience social anxiety are well aware that their fear related to social situations is out of proportion to the reality of the situation, but this does nothing to change it in of itself. In fact, it can make it even more frustrating and people wonder if they will ever be able to overcome it.

Specialist Clinical Hypnotherapy To Help You Overcome Social Anxiety - Social Phobia

This is where specialist clinical hypnotherapy in Bolton can help. Stuart Rose, specialist hypnotherapist in anxiety has worked with people suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder since 1999.


As an anxiety specialist, Stuart will tailor your treatment plan to be responsive to your personal needs and experience using his considerable experience, expertise, skills, and knowledge. 


As such, your therapy is bespoke for you, centred on clinical hypnotherapy within a cognitive-behavioural psychology approach. As appropriate, Stuart will also therefore utilise cognitive-behavioural psychological techniques and mindfulness as part of a your solution focused therapy treatment.


If you want to resolve social anxiety for good, Stuart has the ability to help and enable you to become more relaxed, physically and mentally calm, with more balance and perspective.  


Specialist therapeutic treatment based on clinical hypnotherapy and grounded in cognitive-behavioural psychology can help you overcome social anxiety, able to get on with living your life and doing what you want to do.


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