Hypnotherapy Bolton : Stuart Rose is an Registered Hypnotherapist with the National Council for Hypnotherapy
Stuart Rose, Anxiety Specialist is a Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine offering specialist clinical hypnotherapy in Bromley Cross, Bolton.
Hypnotherapy Bolton - Stuart Rose is a Registered Hypnotherapist accredited by the UK Government backed Accredited Register and regulator, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council
Bolton Hypnotherapy - Stuart Rose - member of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)
Are you looking for qualified and registered hypnotherapy treatment for anxiety, depression or a related condition? Stuart Rose, Anxiety Specialist Clinical Hypnotherapist in Bolton is a member of the Hypnotherapy Directory
Hypnotherapy in Bolton at Positive Change

Anxiety Specialist Clinical Hypnotherapy Practice in Bolton

Our Anxiety Specialist Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist:

Stuart Rose (Bsc) Hons 1st Class - Psychology, HPD, PNLP, PG Cert CBT and Counselling, MNCH.

Address: Bromley Cross Physiotherapy Clinic, 3 Bromley Cross Road, Bromley Cross, Bolton, BL7 9LS.

Tel: 01204 794776

Email: stuart@positivechangehypnotherapy.co.uk


The following testimonials have been volunteered by other previous satisfied clients about their experience of clinical hypnotherapy in Bolton at Positive Change Hypnotherapy. All testimonials are verifiable but some are provided on an anonymous basis to respect privacy and confidentiality.


"A couple of years of disastrous events; Father being given months to live, couple of operations, managing a senior position in a big organisation that was facing many budget cuts and drastic changes, managing the anxiety and problems that presented my staff. Partner having serious work issues, friends baby dying, major building project turned into a feature length episode of cowboy builders. Dad then dying,( I found him and had to tell Mum), leaving us all devastated, throw in the menopause and without me realising it all added up to me becoming very anxious, worrying about everything, waiting for the hammer to fall with every situation I encountered, feeling like there was no happiness or joy in the world anymore, desperate to sort it but nor sure how.


By chance I bumped into a friend who had lost quite a bit of excess weight, I knew she had had a bit of anxiety and told her how well she looked. She told me she had been visiting Stuart at Positive Change and it had made such a difference to her life, she looked and felt great. So impressed by what she told me I e-mailed Stuart and got a  warm response for him inviting me to go and have a chat. 


I felt a bit nervous thinking he would think I was soft or ridiculous for feeling like I did but from the off Stuart was great, clearly very knowledgeable, supportive and professional, we talked through some of the issues and arranged sessions from there. He is not pushy at all and genuinely just wants to help you, he's a lovely, sincere guy.


I was a bit skeptical about hypnotherapy and what it could achieve but having seen the results for my friend and feeling so low I felt it was worth a try. When we did the hypnotherapy it felt a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. I looked forward to my sessions, practised (and still do) some of the simple exercises or tools for helping manage situations he gave me and made really good progress culminating in being shown how to self hypnotise which I find very therapeutic and calming. I was also very impressed with the preparation he clearly did prior to each session, I would imagine there is the easily same time again as your sessions being put into the prep.


Whilst many of us have family, friends and partners who want the best for us it is very different to be able to speak with someone who is very in tune with how you are thinking and understands why you have the thought processes you do, who you can frankly discuss anything with without worrying you will worry them or upset them like you would with family maybe, who is supportive but also helps you to find answers and solve the problem rather than just try and sympathise with you, that in itself is very helpful. 


The upshot of all this is that I feel much better, I don’t have the sense of constant dread I had before or anxiety pangs and feel more like my old self. Initially I felt I was being weak asking for help but we all have difficult times and sometimes that takes its toll without us realising it. I would recommend anyone who is feeling like I did have a chat with Stuart, I am sure you wont be sorry and be very glad you did." *

Anonymous, Bolton


"I have suffered from anxiety / panic attacks for a number of years and previously my GP has prescribed medication and I have attended cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).  

My anxiety / panic attacks are triggered by stress and over the last couple of years I have had a number of personal issues which have been extremely stressful and I had started to notice my anxiety / panic attacks getting worse.  I didn't want to go back on medication for anxiety, so a family member recommended hypnotherapy with Stuart.  I read all the information on Stuarts website and decided to try hypnotherapy.

Stuart helped me to identify my stress triggers which cause my anxiety / panic attacks and gave me a number of strategies and techniques on how to manage stress.

The sessions are very relaxing and helped me to overcome anxiety.

Stuart is a great listener, makes you feel at ease and really cares about helping you to overcome your problems.  I highly recommend hypnotherapy with Stuart."

Anonymous, Bolton


"I too visited Stuart having seen he had helped a lady get over a fear of motorway driving.


I developed a fear of motorway driving having had a bad experience which to be honest came out of the blue. Suddenly I got sweaty palms, light headed, my heart would beat so fast & the thought of driving any length of journey worried me on end for days. This became an issue for me as I had close family a good 45 minutes motorway drive away & I was devastated I couldn’t easily get to them.

I had previously tried NHS CBT and felt it didn’t work for me. I researched clinical hypnotherapy as it was recommended to me & found I had a local clinic nearby.


My first impression of Stuart was highly professional & I really liked how he asked the right questions to understand my fear. He also did this in a free consultation & I felt no obligation to sign up to anything. In fact, it was me who got in touch months later once I was ready.


Well, what can I say, hypnotherapy has literally changed my life!

I’m now back to my normal carefree self, I can go anywhere I want, when I want & I finally have that independence back. This time last year I was messing about on public transport or relying on others. I can’t stress how much this is worth doing.


The feeling of being put ‘under’ is also amazing, it’s so relaxing and the best bit is Stuart does all the talking, all you do is listen and I genuinely felt less anxious after 1 session. It’s incredible! I also found it made me less stressed in other areas of my life. 


I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Stuart to see what he could do for you. He comes highly recommended!" *

Miss T, Bolton


"I found Stuart through an online search engine of practitioners. I had already been for psychotherapy first, having met three different people for consultation, then stuck with one for a few months. I found this ok but not enough. I then searched further and after reading Stuart's mission statement, which read far better than any others in the locality, decided to try hypnotherapy.


My panic attacks were severe - they resulted in me turning up at A&E often believing I was terribly ill. I was taking Citalopram daily, Diazepam now and then when I had bad attacks at night. I had worked solid for many years without a proper break and adopted children in my 40's which hit me hard, as I thought I was capable of handling anything.


I found the sessions made a real change to my life. 


Through a breathing exercise learned via hypnotherapy, my Asthma subsided to nearly nothing! And I learned to control the panic attacks and get to a place where stress wasn't running my life.


So a much calmer lifestyle came through this.


I have recommended Stuart to others who have also had successful treatment. I have since returned to further sort other areas of my life that impact me on a daily basis.


If you are considering this and have never used this type of therapy before, I can say in comparison to NLP, Psychotherapy or general counselling, clinical hypnotherapy beats them hands down with real change, long after your sessions you realise what an impact this has made.


I believe his training as a psychologist, and then with CBT therapy, further moving into hypnotherapy puts him heads above a lot of other practitioners.


Highly recommended." *


ST, Great Harwood


"A few months ago I felt in need of help owing to my sister having had a stroke 3 years before from which she will not recover as she unfortunately suffered brain damage.


I found this very hard to come to terms with but Stuart helped me, through positive thinking, to see a different way to cope.


I had picked up one of his brochures and felt that he could help me. I can certainly recommend him.


From the beginning I felt comfortable and reassured. Don't try to cope on your own if you have any anxiety but pick up the phone and speak to Stuart.


You will be amazed how much better you will feel." *

Jean, Bolton


"I visited Stuart for a course of Hypnotherapy following a fear I had developed of driving on the motorway.


I had been driving on motorways for over 10 years at the time, until an unnerving experience that I soon realised shook me up and I started to avoid driving on motorways as I would feel very panicked, my heart would race, hands would go sweaty and I felt I would physically pass out. It started to really get in my way and such an inconvenience.

I tried several different things to help myself but nothing helped. Someone suggested Hypnotherapy to me, at first I thought really??! Then I thought it’s worth a try!

Stuart made me feel really comfortable and took me seriously, not at all silly as I had felt myself for this fear I had developed. I had a series of 3 sessions and I really felt a benefit. I was able to drive on the motorway again!

Approximately 18 months later, I felt I had a wobble and realised it was because day to day I wasn’t needing to drive on the motorway so weeks could pass without driving there. I started to avoid it again.


I visited Stuart again for a top up session, since then I have been better than ever.


I actually now enjoy driving on the motorway, something I never thought possible.

I have recommended Stuart to friends for different reasons since.

Thanks again Stuart I now feel “normal” again!" *

Mrs W, Bolton


"I began a course of hypnotherapy with Stuart at the beginning of this year.


I was looking for a change in career to become a full time magician but was held back by performance anxiety, or as it’s more commonly known, stage fright.


Stuart coached me through these hurdles to the point where I began to feel super confident in myself and able to overcome my symptoms.


I am now accepting gigs and actively looking for opportunities where I can perform.


Stuart has had a profound impact on my life and I will forever be grateful." *

Dean, Salford


“From my first contact with you I found your manner to be extremely professional but personable at the same time.


You worked collaboratively with me from the initial assessment through to all the therapy sessions including when the last treatment should be. 


I felt that your understanding of anxiety and its effect on health and social relationships was not just on the surface. You also seemed like a really nice guy. You really put me at my ease and I liked the fact that you stressed that everyone responds differently when they are in a hypnotic state e.g. some remember hearing all the therapists words - some drift off even though the unconscious will be taking in the suggestions.


At every session you stressed that I was in control and could accept or reject any suggestions that you made while I was under hypnosis. The tone and pace of your speech was very relaxing and allowed me to take full advantage of the therapy.


I felt that you were well prepared - obviously having spent significant prior time on structuring the content of the session to my individual needs. Each session was different but all equally relaxing and timely. 


At times I spoke to you about complex issues that I have struggled with for a long time. Prior to meeting you for the first time I was feeling quite desperate about how my "catastrophising" thoughts were making me feel so physically unwell. However because you gave off such a positive vibe I felt reassured that there was hope that I could make a difference in my health. This increased my motivation to take part. 


The success I have felt can be shown that although the stresses in my life continue to be full on at times, I have not had any more panic attacks since I started the therapy and I feel more in control of my mental health.


I have been able to use the self-hypnosis techniques that you gave me to reinforce the suggestions you passed to me when you were my therapist.


I would not hesitate to recommend you as a therapist.


Thanks again Stuart." *

Anonymous, Manchester


"I lost my wife to cancer after a short spell of illness, following almost 52 years of marriage. I never expected to lose her nor imagined the shear loneliness that it would cause. Grief does bring depression, anxiety, strange thoughts and memories and although grief counselling does greatly help there are still deep feelings that you are not prepared to admit even to yourself. 


This is where hypnotherapy helped me. The induced relaxation allowed my mind to open those thoughts up and examine them to find what was real and to deal with them and what was manufactured and dismiss them. 


It was amazing the effect on me and how people commented on how well I was dealing with my grief for a wife I had loved so much. 


It also gave me the confidence to start a new life and make many new friends so that I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who has such problems - it can only help." *


Michael, Bolton

“From the first session to the end l found that it was very relaxing and the technique for stress does indeed work and help in stressful situations.  


I now feel confident and in control of a what l would have thought a stressful situation.” *


Anonymous, Bolton


"I had a course of hypnotherapy with Stuart last year and can highly recommend it.  


I was under a lot of stress dealing with a difficult situation in my family circumstances.  Stuart was very kind, patient and was a superb listener as well as helping me with ways to deal with my stress.  


I am more than happy to recommend his services." *

Anonymous, Bolton


"I want to say thank you for working with me on my anger issues. It never, ever boils over any more. On the occasions that I do feel cross,  I feel that it's appropriate.  So, mission accomplished!" *

Anonymous, Bolton

"As new comer to hypnotherapy I was not sure what to expect.  The process was very clearly explained and the myths of hypnotherapy being "mind control" completely dispelled.  I was in considerable pain following a slipped disc.  I had pain relief but it wasn't working very well.


Stuart offered to complete some sessions to help deal with the pain and explained how it would help and why it would help, so straight away I had an understanding of the process.


The sessions themselves were an extremely relaxing experience and whilst in the hypnotic state (if that's the right phrase) I was conscious but so relaxed that I was able to focus on the issue at hand.  After the sessions were over I can honestly say that the pain I was in was greatly diminished and Stuart put suggestions in the therapy that enabled me to relieve the pain myself when it got really bad.  I found this very useful and it meant that I was able to return to work a lot sooner that if I had been relying on traditional pain relief.


I am still using the self hypnosis techniques now and I would not hesitate to recommend Stuart to anyone who wants to explore hypnotherapy treatment for themselves.


Yours in gratitude" *

Anonymous, Salford

“l had been overweight for a long time and had it drummed in from an early age to eat all that is on your plate. Now l eat only what l feel l need and what l have to eat and do not feel anxious for throwing food away - in fact its now saved and frozen for another meal instead of eating two portions.


Stuart has a very calming and relaxing tone to his voice and is easy to listen to and l guess that is why l managed to get the hypnosis right from the start.


He has a very caring nature and l feel that from what l have told him he was very empathetic and non judgmental.  If needed I would definitely go to Stuart again and would also recommend him to friends and colleagues and anyone else l know who may need hypnotherapy.


The weight loss is presently ongoing and I’m glad to say it is reducing weight.  


I shall be trying the self hypnosis to keep my thoughts on the right track.


Hope that his work will go on from strength to strength - l feel grateful and lucky that he’s been my therapist and l wish him well.” *

Anonymous, Bolton

“I was a little sceptical whether it would work or not and what to expect. 


However Stuart put me at ease from the start, wasn't judgemental and was very professional.


I am pleased to say I haven't smoked - I want to say a massive thank you and here's to a smoke free future!” *

Anonymous, Bury

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